Gøød Evening...

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Gøød Evening...

Post by Notorious Joker on Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:20 am

Gøød Evening Ladies & Gentlemen... I'm Glad Yøur Here Because I Want Tø Share Sømething With Yøu. Yøu Peøple Are Just Way Tøø Uptight If Yøu Ask Me, Nøt Tø Mentiøn Sø Seriøus, And I Hønestly Have Nø Idea Why! Life Is A Jøy, A Jøke, A Gigantic Stage. Right Nøw As Yøu're Reading This, Sømeøne In The Wørld Has Died. Isn't That Funny? Peøple Are Dying While Yøu're Playing Arøund On My Førum Page, And There's Nøthing Yøu Can Dø Tø Støp It. Life Snuffed Out By Variøus Means, And Møre Have Died Just As This Was Uttered! Pure Entertainment, I Tell Yøu. It's All Sø Hilariøus! Since I'm A Courteøus Høst I Shall Give Yøu What Yøu Wish, Here's A Jøke Før Yøu.

An 18 Year Old Girl Named Jane Had A Full Schølarship Tø Harvard, Life Was At It's Peek For Dear Jane And She Was Deeply In Løve With Her Bøyfriend Chad. One Cøld Night They Were Driving Høme Frøm A Rømantic Dinner Date, And They Suffered A Hørrid Wreck On The Way. Chad Died Drøwning In His Own Bløød, And Jane Was Disfigured And Paralyzed Før The Rest Of Her Life. Hahahahahehehøø!!! The End. Funny Jøke Huh? I'm Telling Yøu That I'm Full Of Them, And Much Much Møre!

Life Is Meant Tø Be An Eye-Røller, Sømething That Døesn't Matter And I'm Here To Help Yøu Discøver That. We All Try To Find Meaning In Life, But That Only Takes A Lifetime. Yøu'll All Cøme Tø Realize That. Yøu'll See...

Notorious Joker
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Re: Gøød Evening...

Post by -Stormy on Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:56 am

o.O Wicked Jerker, Wicked.
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