Man Of My Wørd

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Man Of My Wørd

Post by Notorious Joker on Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:15 am

My Methøds Are Unpredictable And Incalculable. I Dø These Things... Accørding Tø My Own Twisted Sense Of Løgic. I Dø Nøt Desire Møney. See... It's Nøt Abøut The Møney... It's Abøut Sending The Message. A Great Villain Isn't Just Capable Of Wicked Deeds Or Murder. Depth And Layer Matter. If There Was One Thing That I Dø Desire, It Wøuld Be The Pøwer Tø Instill Anarchy Intø This Wørld By Any Means Necessary. I Like Tø Think Of Myself As An Exceptiønally Intelligent Man… This Tends To Be My Greatest Weapøn Against The Pølice, And The District Attørney's Office. I Often Find Myself Cønfrønted By The Authørities, But I Easily Evade Capture Due Tø Sick And Twisted Mind Games I Play On Them. Yøu See, When The Sun Sets Over Gøtham. Muggers, Killers, Rapists, Psychøs, & Sadists Take Tø These Streets. Once The Dark Cømes, The Streets Belønged Tø Us. The Møst Sinister Kind Frøm The Møst Nøtøriøus Slums. Tønight, Peøple Will Die, I'm A Man Of My Wørd...!

Notorious Joker
Notorious Joker
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